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  • Improvising/solos

  • Rhythm and time

  • Chords and scales

  • Chord melody

  • Writing

  • Reading charts

  • Accompaniment 

  • Playing in a band

  • Preparing to gig

  • Performance

  • Ear training


Friendly and relaxed tuition from a pro player with forty years' experience.

How I Teach

How I Teach

My approach is simple, if you are reading this then you probably have an idea what you want to play like and what you feel is stopping you. Together we can identify what needs to done to achieve your goals and find the most effective way to practice. I don't think working through a rigid course is the answer for most people, you need to enjoy it and it needs to be relevant to where you are now.  I feel strongly that theory is a double edged sword, it is very useful in understanding how and why things work, but it shouldn't be what you think about when you are performing. Speech first, grammar second.  Remember that many of the world's greatest players knew little or no theory, at least not in an academic sense. Training your ears is always very rewarding.

Online Lessons

Online lessons are available using Skype, Zoom or Facetime. Get in touch via the contact page and i can find a slot that suits you. You may want to prepare some questions beforehand and also have a suitable backing track to play with as the internet delay makes it impossible to play together. An hour is plenty, anything beyond that and I find students stop taking it in. I am always happy to chat about what you are looking for before you book a lesson. Don't forget to check your time zones and differences if you are not in the UK. An hour is £40.00 ($56.00) and half an hour is £20.00 ($28.00). 

You can pay using Paypal at

Online Lessons
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